Washing Machine Buying Guide

The market is filled with loads of washing machines of different sizes made by several brands. In this case, it is often tough to choose one washing machine that’s best suited to your requirements. Before buying any product the very first matter to be thought about is personal requirements. Based on our needs we then need to narrow our search down and finally arrive upon one server. Here are a couple of hints a customer needs to think about prior to buying any washing machine.

Different Types of Washing Machines

There are two types of washing machines: – front loading and top loading. If you’re thinking about a washing machine that is to be placed on your kitchen counter afterward front loading is your ideal choice, however, if you’re looking for a thinner machine. Compared to the front loaders the top loaders eat more power and water, nevertheless, they have larger capacities.

Wash Load capacities

The wash load capacity determines the load the machine can manage for one single wash. It is highly advisable to utilize the system to its full load capability for optimum energy conservation. There are three categories in accordance with the wash load capability of a washing machine.

Machines with less than 5 kg are best suited for families with one or two members

Machines involving 5 to 7 kg are best suited to families with approximately 3 to 5 members.

Machines with more than 7 kg are appropriate to big families.

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Spin Speeds

The spin speed of a washing machine decides the speed at which the machine will spin the garments to remove the water while washing and drying it. It is measured in revolutions per seconds (rpm). Many washing machines only determine the most spin rate capability of the machine. A greater spin speed is necessary for cotton clothing while a decrease spin rate is suited for synthetics and delicate garments. Users need to test for the option to vary the spin rate so that the machine may be used with all types of clothes.

1000 to 1800 rpm is the higher rate required for cotton clothes
400 to 800 rpm is your reduced speed required for delicate and artificial clothing

Wash Programmes

Users need to have a look at the variety of wash programmes provided. The main ones are hand wash, wool clean, delicate wash, silk wash, quick wash and anti-crease alternative. The secondary ones are pre-wash, intensive wash, extra rinse, economy wash, antibacterial wash etc…

Many new washing machines include a Fuzzy Logic programme where users only have to add clothing to the washing machine and the inbuilt sensors select the appropriate settings as per the requirements of the clothes.


Efficiency is generally rated on a scale of A-G where A is the highest and G is the cheapest. Thus an A rated machine will provide maximum efficiency in contrast to a G rated one which offers the least.

These ratings are provided for every washing machine on the basis of energy consumption, water intake and drying capability. The best ones are usually the AAA rated ones that provide the maximum efficiency for energy, washing, and drying.

Wash Temperatures

Various types of clothing are to be washed at several temperatures; such as silk and delicate garments cannot be washed at high temperatures, while cotton clothes are washed better if put at a higher fever. Thus it will be better when the washing machine includes a few temperature settings that can be used for different types of clothes. The majority of the washing machines deliver at-least 3 to 4 wash temperatures e.g. 30°, 60°, 90° etc..

Water Supply

Most machines have been designed to accept chilly water that’s suited for delicate clothes and fabrics and assist in better stain removal. These machines have been considered more energy efficient.

Some machines have been designed to accept cold and hot water, hence two valves are to be joined to the machine; one for the chilly water and other for the hot water. These machines are however less energy efficient.

Noise Level

All the washing machines create some amount of noise. The quantity of noise made by the machine is measured in decibels (dB). Usually they’re categorised as: Less than 40dB, 40-50dB, 50-60dB and over 60dB of noise. Most of the washing machine in the market now fall in the 50-60dB category that is equivalent to the noise made by means of a doorbell.

Although there are many exciting features supplied by the washing machines, you need to purchase the one that has the attributes that you generally use, as the additional features come with a price tag. Thus the best thing to do is to check individual requirement and then navigate through the features of various washing machines and narrow down on one that most fits into the bill.

Best Ways to Choose a Microwave Oven

microwave 1

A microwave oven has become a main part of every household nowadays. It is among the most amazing wonders of the contemporary kitchen. If you’re planning to purchase a new microwave oven, then below are some hints to help you buy the best microwave available in the marketplace that I have learnt during my own adventures.

Now only follow these 10 best ways to choose a microwave oven:

1) Role of microwave:

First decide on the form of microwave oven based on its function you would like to purchase- a standard microwave, or a convection microwave. To make things more clear, a standard microwave is simply sufficient for heating food or cooking prepared meals, whereas a convection microwave is a combination of a microwave oven and a convection oven, and allows you to microwave, grill and cook.

2) Size:

Compact – It is also known as portable or counter tops, and is the smallest form of this microwave ovens available on the marketplace. They are primarily used for light cooking and reheating cooked food.

Constructed – These are just like the usual ovens and are built into the cabinetry. They are more expensive than the counter-top versions, and some are combined with an exhaust fan for installation. They are normally combined with a convection oven, and therefore permit you to cook in addition to grill.

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3) Capacity:

Choose the right capacity for your own microwave based on your needs.

Medium capacity – They’re somewhat larger than the compact ones and are the standard ones used by the majority of the families. They have a tendency to possess some ‘auto-cook’ attributes and might have a convection oven inserted to them.

Large capacity – They are just the right pick for cooking big meals, especially roasts and turkey breasts, and also have even more ‘auto-cook’ choices compared to smaller ones.

Portable/Desktop mini-microwave ovens – These are the tiniest microwaves created to support portability.

4) Power consumption:

A microwave with a high wattage cooks faster. Whenever you are going in to get a microwave, attempt to choose a microwave that provides you a range at several levels. Also do remember that the energy given by a microwave manufacturer is the maximum power that can be provided by it. Also check the amount of power it consumes for the cooking.

5) Performance:

A way to assess the efficacy of a microwave is to evaluate how much energy has been wasted in other kinds of cooking. Cooking in traditional ovens is a little different, and it could be a little difficult to assess the efficacy of these types of toaster ovens.

6) Turn table:

The majority of the microwave ovens now come with a twist table attached to them. Together with the flip table attachment, the food has a much exposure to the heating waves all way through. Without this option, the heating waves may penetrate to just to a certain thickness beyond the surface of the warming food. So it’s better to go in for a with a turn table choice.

7) Controls:

Microwaves now include a great deal of keypad control options. Proceed for one which has keys for automobile functions that assists in instant cooking of food. Additionally you will find additional functionalities that are provided by the touch of button. Or if you want the old fashion microwaves, with a dial controller, then go ahead with it.

8) According to design:

Decide on a layout that would best compliment your kitchen design, kitchen interiors, the colour you’ve painted your kitchen, as well as the appliances in your kitchen. Choosing the right layout is one important thing if you’re concerned about your insides, and if you would like to impress people. And also, if you are going in to get a built in model, be confident that your kitchen has sufficient space to accommodate the microwave oven as well as the exhaust fan. And as for streamlined ones, be sure that you find the appropriate location to place it.

9) Features:

Some of the specific features offered by microwave ovens include automobile apps, cook or defrost functions, temperature probes, child lock, detectors, removable racks, crisping purposes, etc.. Select the one according to your own preferences. And do look after simple clean options, with detachable racks and trays for cleaning the inside part, and ones that sustains scratches on the outside.

10) Budget;

Last one, but the most significant one is to choose a microwave for your budget. Check out the ones which fall in your financial plan and pick the best one of them. Counter top ones are cheaper than the built-in versions. Additionally, the perfect size required that you stick with your budget. Pick necessary features you want and don’t waste your money on unnecessary capabilities. Look for the warranty services offered by the vendors.

With these tips you need to have the ability to acquire a great microwave for your household. Happy shopping!

Top 10 Fridges in India (Single & Double Door) to Buy

Looking for a bigger and better fridge for your home?  In this post, we have listed top 10 fridges in India so that you can have the best product which is total value for money, high on quality, and productive.

Selecting a fridge could be taxing since there are so many options out there with different specifications. I know how you feel which is we have done all the homework so that you can just click and get done with your buy without any hassle. Without doing a further ado lets dive in the top 10 fridge in India.

Top 10 Fridges in India


  1. Whirlpool Fp 263D

Our top pick is from Whirlpool with 4. 1 rating, 240 L and comes with a reasonable range from 26k- 31k. It is one of the best fridges in India with this price range and unique features. It has exceptional anti-microbial added substance which kills 99.9% microorganism.


  1. LG GL-I292RPZL

This LG smart inverter smart converter saves up to 36% of your electricity and offers effective energy utilization. There is no doubt why this fridge has booked its spot on our top 10 fridge in India list. It has 4.4 rating, 260 L, and cost you around 23k- 28k.


  1. LG GL-B201AMLN

LG has few other products and are good to go as per rating, price and capacity goes. This one has 4.1 rating, 190 L and cost you around 14k -16k.


  1. Godrej RT EON 311 PD 4

This product from Godrej is also a good option for your home or office. It cost you around 30k-36k, 311 L, and comes with a good 4 rating.

  1. Samsung 253 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28M3022S8, Elegant Inox)

Samsung is no doubt a good brand to go for and this product is surely a best buy as it is free double door refrigerator with 253 L, 4.1 rating and it cost you around INR 19, 899.


  1. Whirlpool 300 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator (FP 313D PROTTON ROY ALPHA STEEL (N), Alpha Steel)


This one is from Whirlpool, frost free multi-door with 4 rating, 300L and will cost you around INR 33,380.



This double door frost-free refrigerator could be yours in INR 30,990, 340 L, with a 4.2 L.

  1. LG GL-I 302RPZL 4   30k-36k       311 Liters

I know LG ruling this list but they earn it. If you go for this one it will cost you in between 30k-36k, 311L, with 4 rating.




This frost-free double door refrigerator from LG is our puck for the top 10 fridge in India. It will cost you around 25,900, 260L, with a good 4.4 rating.


  • Samsung RT 29 HAJSAWX


This fridge from Samsung has many good features likes auto stabilizer, glass finish body, voltage range 115-300 units comes with a cooling pad. It will cost you around 28,700.

The Advantages Of Magnetic Induction Cooktops

Since you have the foods willing to really go, you set to strands at the cook top to begin heating up. Just before you are aware of it, one of those trips and catches the cooktop to stop out of falling out. Your child’s hands touch the advantage of the burner which is sexy and burns off his hands pretty seriously which signifies a trip to the hospital.


This scenario does and can happen every day and every day in homeowners to the other side of the United States all over the world. Now, imagine precisely the exact same scenario with a magnetic induction cooktop. Your child’s hands touch the advantage of this burner but will not get burnt off! You obtain to bother in your children, let them quit running approximately therefore wildly after which you kick them from this kitchen. That is absolutely no burnt flesh and also you don’t have to earn a trip that the ER to possess your child’s hand dealt with for burns off!


I have no idea about you personally, however, the next scenario is far more appealing to me personally. This specific scenario can play out in your home if you possessed a magnetic induction cooktop. This is really a reality for lots of people who are confined to wheel chairs too.


Magnetic best induction cooktop would be the fastest-heating cooktops that you will find. After you flip on your own magnetic induction cooktop, electricity moves via the magnetic parts beneath the cooktop’s surface area. While this occurs, a magnetic field of vitality creates which subsequently warms the pan up which is sitting in the cooktop.


First, they’ve been breaking documents to your speed that they bring 6 quarts of plain water near to boiling. Heat which is emitted is even and liquids simmer flawlessly. Even the cooktop remains substantially cooler compared to the usual conventional cooktop which implies no burnt flesh, so no more burned on spills and not as much warmth reduction which contributes to quite a sexy kitchen. An enormous basic safety attribute is the fact that induction aspects switch away automatically once the magnetic kettle is taken out of the burner, even if it’s the case that you never desire them to. Which means this substantially lowers the odds of having a cooking linked to fire in your kitchen.


The biggest purpose that you never find magnetic induction cooktops in the most house is the total cost of this cooktop as well as the pans and pans. If this engineering first arrived on the scene, prices vary between £1,800 to £3,500. After you examine this with £ 550 to £ 750 for top-performing electric cooktops and £ 650 to £1,200 for petrol, the price is really a bit steep for all of us. But if you check around online, often times you may find discounts which will make it even cheaper.


Additionally, you need to figure in the expense of fresh cookware to your own newest cooktop. This tech requires one to utilize cookware which is constructed from forged iron or stainless metal. It’s possible for you to make an effort to employ your older stainless-steel cookware and sometimes you will acquire blessed and it will do the job. But if you might have aluminum or aluminum pots and pans, then you’re out of change. If the magnet sticks, your cookware will likely probably do the job.

Choosing the Right Microwave Oven

Microwaving is one of the most well-known methods to cook meals, which might explain why almost everyone has one. There are multiple different ways to pick a microwave, and there are multiple kinds of microwaves to select from.

Kinds of Microwaves

There are multiple kinds of microwaves which you may pick from. These different microwaves are made in different ways; a number of them are simply to alter the aesthetic view of the microwave, whereas others aim to alter the way the microwave ovens operate. These changes allow the microwave ovens to accommodate to the specific cooking requirements of the particular person who is buying it.

On the range microwaves figure out how to fit the small home appliances in with the remaining typical appliances. Instead of taking up counter space, the aforementioned the stove microwave gives ample space for additional counter use.

One of the other big changes to the little appliances is the potency of the microwave.

Things to Search For in Microwave Ovens

If you’re looking to buy a microwave oven, then there are certain things which you will need to take into consideration. If you would like to be certain that you’ve got the ideal microwave oven for you, there are a number of things that you ought to consider and search for.

The first thing that you will need to search for is your strength of the microwave. There will be microwaves which are too powerful to your demands, and there will also be microwaves which are simply too feeble for your cooking requirements. Those working in a location that sells microwaves will be the best to inquire about the strength that you require.

As soon as you know which durability, you want to know what attributes which you need in your microwave. While some folks just want simple attributes, others might need a specific rotating platform or specific quantity controllers. If you understand the extras that a microwave might come with, you will learn precisely what you need and can figure out which microwaves have these extras.

As soon as you’ve figured all of this information out, you simply must appear at the prices to decide precisely what you can afford, and that which fits your budget. For all, this is exactly what will ultimately decide their microwave buy decision.

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The Appearance of Microwave Ovens

The last and final thing to microwave ovens, which frequently is decided prior to the microwave is selected, is the appearance of the microwave. Some of us will want a shameful microwave, while some will need white, and others will desire stainless steel. Every one of these colors makes for interesting microwave ovens which fit in with all the other appliances, like the dishwasher and the oven.

The Way to Find Microwave Ovens

If you’re looking for microwave ovens, then you really ought to look in two different areas. The shops will make it possible for you to observe the microwave, comprehend how it seems, and enable you to figure out precisely what you would like. Looking for exactly the identical microwave online will make it possible for you to compare prices to get exactly the identical microwave ovens. Searching in different places will allow you to find the precise microwave you would like for the cheapest possible price.