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Top esports games 2020: Which titles are the greatest in serious gaming?

A gander at the top esports games this year and what makes them so effective

Serious gaming has been a well-known leisure activity for a considerable length of time, yet the cash and industry around the top esports games is a moderately late advancement.

Esports doesn’t mean a few buddies playing Mario Kart in a room; esports is a multi-billion dollar industry that remembers plenty of titles for each type, from shooters to test systems and everything in the middle. In no specific request, here are the top esports games in 2020 dependent on various elements, including viewership, occasions, and by and large achievement.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A long time since the dispatch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and it has kept up its situation as one of the top esports games on the planet, with visit updates to the game, a worthwhile market in weapon skins and cuts, and a whirlwind of occasions each year.

Close by continuous alliances like the BLAST Premier and ESL Pro League, 2020 has a lot of top-level competitions like IEM Katowice 2020, DreamHack Anaheim, and both ESL One occasions in Rio de Janeiro and Cologne separately.

With regards to viewership, the greatest competition in 2019 for CS: GO was the IEM Katowice major, which aggregated 1.2 million perspectives with a $1 million prize pool. This is another million in the absolute prize cash granted since 2013, which is as of now at simply over $91 million.

The HLTV occasions page has the entirety of the up and coming to CS: GO esports activity you can tune into or in the event that you extravagant contending yourself, hop in-game and play some positioned to test your fortitude.

Alliance of Legends

Maybe the most celebrated esport on the planet, League of Legends (LoL) is one of two Massive Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) commanding the esports business. It’s been very nearly a long time since LoL propelled, and the excellent all-out prize cash granted is an incredible $73.5m across more than 2,400 occasions.

South Korea is by a long shot the most well known and effective market for LoL, with eight of the best 10 workers hailing from the country. Truth be told, just a single player in the main 25 — Luka “PerkZ” Perkovic — originates from a nation other than South Korea or China, demonstrating the ubiquity and strength of the two Asian nations inside LoL.

With regards to dynamic players, a report from a year ago expresses that there are around 8,000,000 simultaneous dynamic players in League each day, so while that is not exactly Fortnite (which is accessible on pretty much every stage under the sun), it’s by a long shot the most famous PC game.

In case you’re keen on observing some League of Legends esports, head on over to the official League of Legends esports plan. Then again, you can play positioned in-game to perceive how you stack up.


Some will say Fortnite is certainly not a legitimate esport because of Epic’s inclination to turn out changes directly before enormous occasions and hesitance to keep up a solid serious metagame, yet that doesn’t bring down the way that over $80 million has been given out in remunerations in a little more than two years.

The game surprised the world when it propelled in September 2017 and keeping in mind that the buzz in the general media has ceased to exist, the esports scene is as yet flourishing.

A year ago observed the greatest Fortnite esports occasion ever; the Fortnite World Cup in New York City. Nothing has been affirmed at this point for 2020 yet everybody is anticipating that Epic Games should increase the stakes for the following World Cup. Because of the sum, Epic gave out during 2019, Fortnite immediately outperformed most different esports titles to have the third unsurpassed most elevated prize aggregate, outperformed distinctly by CS: GO and DotA 2.

What number of individuals play Fortnite is an inquiry a lot of individuals pose, and as of March 2019 – so very nearly a year prior – Fortnite had 250 million enrolled clients. Ask any arbitrary individual in the city and chances are they’ll have known about Fortnite, regardless of whether they’re not ready to outline for you precisely what it’s, which shows exactly how rapidly Fortnite developed.

The authority Fortnite serious page records all the up and coming occasions and has all that you have to know or play a portion of the in-game competitions to check whether you’re sufficient to contend yourself.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the main direct contender to League of Legends and it originates from Valve, a similar studio behind CS: GO. While LoL is colossally well known in Asian districts, the best 25 workers in Dota 2 are spread across 16 unique countries, including the U.S.A, China, France, and Romania.

With regards to prize cash, Dota 2 destroys each other title because of the technique for subsidizing utilized. The International is the name of the yearly occasion and in the development, fans can buy what is known as the “Abridgment” in-game which contains a wide range of substances from new modes and consumables to beauty care products and difficulties.

In spite of having the biggest prize pools, Dota 2 doesn’t sparkle a light on LoL’s player tally. The normal player means the most recent couple of months is just shy of 400k as per SteamCharts, roughly 5% of what LoL purportedly gets. To check out any up and coming occasions, investigate the Dota 2 Liquidpedia page. Extravagant a wedge of that tremendous prize pool yourself? Play some positioned and check whether you can deal with it.

Call of Duty

One of the main esports to be played on a support, the serious Call of Duty scene is one of a kind in the reality it proceeds onward to a spic and span title each year. Because of Call of Duty‘s yearly discharge plan, players need to become familiar with the intricate details of an entirely different game each October.

At the present time, we’re on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and simply like Activision has been doing with Overwatch throughout the previous hardly any years, the COD League has moved to an establishment based framework.

This implies there are 12 area based groups across North America and Europe, for example, the London Royal Ravens, Los Angeles Guerillas, and Toronto Ultras. While earlier years have had a couple of huge scope occasions all through the season, you can tune into live Call of Duty esports pretty much at regular intervals as the 12 groups vie for a sum of $6 million. Look at the full calendar on the official Call of Duty League page and investigate our guide on the most proficient method to watch the COD League.

With regards to the Call of Duty player check, since it’s played across such huge numbers of various stages and Activision doesn’t discharge official numbers, it is extremely unlikely to know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We do know anyway that the game has passed the $1 billion imprint and that Call of Duty is as yet one of the most mainstream establishments on the planet. At the hour of composing, Modern Warfare doesn’t have a positioned line in-game, however, you can enter through the CDL Challengers open group.


Overwatch 2 might be seemingly within easy reach this year, however, the primary game is as yet prevailing as an esport and has been for a decent hardly any years now.

The Overwatch League has an incredible 20 groups that contend more than 26 weeks for a lot of $5 million and now we’re into the third season, it implies things ought to be genuinely going great. A distant memory is the times of the Shanghai Dragons losing 42 matches on the bob on the grounds that each group is more than fit for dominating each game.

With regards to Overwatch esports, South Korea and the U.S.A are the predominant nations, with 24 of the best 25 top workers hailing from possibly one (the main other player is from Sweden). Nearly $22 million has been dispensed up until now and keeping in mind that the occasional end of the season games is the perfection of the top groups, the Overwatch World Cup is maybe the most energizing competition to look like a fan so you can pull for your nation.

Coming up in the Overwatch League plan are matches beginning on February 8 running right until mid-August, trailed by the World Cup later in the year. Albeit each stage has positioned play, Overwatch esports is just on PC. You can stall out in by contending in the Overwatch Open Division once you’re certain enough in your capacities.

Decent Mentions

Obviously, these aren’t the main esports. There are many games played at a serious level, including Farming Simulator – genuinely. Titles that simply passed up a spot in the top rundown incorporate both PUBG and Apex Legends, two effective fight royale games that are tragically living in the shadow of Fortnite. There’s additionally PUBG Mobile, which is great much more well known than its standard partner.

FIFA 20 merits notice as well, as the best games esport, with different competitions during the time remembering the Premier League for association with the genuine Premier League.

At that point there’s Hearthstone, Blizzard’s Warcraft roused game; Rainbow Six Siege, a strategic shooter with innumerable occasions consistently; and Rocket League, games driving crossbreed that is one of the most straightforward esports to watch and comprehend. That is not in any event, referencing the number of battling games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros, and so forth.

On the off chance that a computer game can be played seriously on the web, there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity it has an esports scene, regardless of whether it’s not one of the greatest. Scour the web and you’ll without a doubt discover something for your preferred title.


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